Useful Tips for Home Renovation from Deco Smart

Renovating a home is one of the most important things that sooner or later everyone has to face. When you buy a house you definitely want to do something before living in it. A complete renovation is needed before you move in and not when you already live there.

Often these renovations, if not designed and managed well, turn into a nightmare. For this reason, Deco Smart wants to give you some tips and information to try to avoid the stress of renovating and be able to enter your new home as soon as possible.

Other issues that we will address is restructuring costs and how to save money. This way you can do quality work at a reasonable price.

Home renovation costs

Evaluating the costs to renovate a home without making an inspection is difficult. Who offers you a price without asking to visit the house is not serious. Initial state of the house, the renovation project, the choice of materials and finishes, are just some of the variables that make the price vary by up to 50%.

However, to get an idea of ​​what the average reference prices are for rebuilding your home completely or partially, the best thing is to see some examples of home renovation estimates. Contact Deco Smart for more details.

Complete or partial restructuring

Whether it’s an apartment or an important house, the first thing to consider is whether you want to do a complete or partial renovation of the house.

Generally speaking, when we talk about complete renovation, we mean total demolition with rebuilding of the systems and movement of walls.

If your budget allows it, a complete job is obviously better, but it’s not always possible. In this case, you have to choose what best fits your needs.

What jobs to do if you have little money?

When you buy a house to renovate or simply want to redo your current one, you often find yourself in the dilemma between what we want to do and how much we can spend.

How to spend less money and create great value?

  • Paint the walls;
  • Fix electrical system;
  • Perform the preparations for air conditioners;
  • Check the status of the hydraulic and heating system;
  • Redo the bathroom and the kitchen.

Ideas to renovate a home

In fact, through the choices you make to furnish your home, you always tell a little about your personality and tastes. For this reason, choosing the style for each environment is not as simple as it may seem.

One of the areas of greatest importance, even if not often noticed, is the entrance . This place represents your business card, the way you present yourself to the guests.

For the living room, use a modern decor and choose bookcases and sliding doors to make this part of the house a space where most of the family’s daily routine is lived.

When you furnish your kitchen , try to personalize it as much as possible. For the walls, for example, you can choose bright colors like green or orange. Place drawers, dressers and appliances so they can be used easily and if you want to create an atmosphere of familiarity choose warm lights.

In the bedroom you opt for furniture with clean lines. Choose relaxing colors such as blue, while the bed frames are very popular with folding bed bases and mattresses that turn into a useful clothing compartment.

For the bathroom, the latest trends recommend using furniture with flowing lines, light colors, while suspended cabinets will save space and give the bathroom a modern touch.