Replacement Windows Options to Consider

Several window styles fit the needs of your home. However, replacement windows are also useful if you have a change of mind, especially when the house design is already fixed.

Glass Housings: Window Materials

  • Wood Frame

Firm wood is what composes wood frames. The covered exterior is in vinyl or aluminum for added protection from various elements. It also makes maintenance easier since the need for a repaint isn’t necessary anymore.

  • Vinyl Frame

Vinyl frames are the least costly and are also very convenient since they don’t require a layer of paint or stain. They are typically white, and most types of vinyl don’t let paint stick on them. You’ll have to take note of that if you have plans to coordinate your windows with the outside paint color. Vinyl frames have limited options for hardware. 

  • Composite Frame

These affordable composite frames are from a mix of materials or fiberglass. You also don’t need to paint or stain them. However, you’ll have fewer choices for color. Their parts may include plastic embedded with wood fibers, laminated wood, or solid wood. The mix is to make the solid wood window look more real and authentic, while also adding stability to the underlying structure compared to that of only solid wood. Because composite frames are made from fiberglass needles combined with plastic, this makes them sturdier and more durable than vinyl. However, not plenty of brands are available.

The Glass Menagerie: Types of Windows

Aside from the materials used to design the windows, other factors include how many windows are added, the type of hinges, amount of ventilation the windows provide, and how they operate. Here are several models to consider

  • Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the choice of many. The sash inside found below slides up, and the upper sash located outside slides down. It allows for better ventilation, making the installation of full screens ideal for better air circulation.

Other than that, double-hung windows are also quite quick to clean since the windows sashes are easily tiltable. If you plan on installing air conditioners, double-hung windows are the smart choice. However, these days, they mostly have high sill trims that may need shimming for stabilizing a window air conditioner. 

  • Casement-Style Windows

Although they’re not as popular as most window types because of the obstructed view they provide, they still offer proper ventilation once fully opened. They have hinges on one side, like a door, and a handle or crank allows them to open outward.

Once you’ve chosen the replacement window that suits your home, it’s time for the installment. Call your trusted professionals now, and get that look you’ve always wanted.