Signs You May Need To Hire A Brisbane Roofing Contractor

There is much inevitability in life and the need to repair a roof is arguably one of them.  Many people may choose to ignore any potential damage to their roof and only approach the issue when the roof is past repair.  The question remains: how do you know if your roof needs some repair?  This article will provide information on the different ‘symptoms’ of a damaged roof listing signs where you may need to hire a Brisbane roofing contractor.


1. Dark Stains On The Roof

One of the most common signs that a roof will need repair is the presentation of dark signs on the underside and top of the roof.  Dark stains are often a result of bacterial growth and can be a problem as mold or algae can eat away at the shingle base of the roof.  If you notice any darker areas on the roof but are anxious about climbing onto the roof to inspect the spot, it is recommended you contact a reliable Brisbane roofing contractor.  The contractor will be able to determine the cause of the stain and provide a recommendation for repair if necessary.

2. Deterioration Of Shingles And Sheathing

The deterioration of the roofing shingles and/or sheathing can be due to a plethora of factors including algae, fungi, or roof rot.  If the roof appears to sag in particular areas, this may be a sign of roof rot which is a rather detrimental and severe problem.  Unlike bacterial growth, roof rot is an advanced problem that could result in the possible collapse of the roof.  To determine whether or not this is the case, it is highly advised a roofing contractor is contacted when deterioration of the shingles is noticed.

3. Blistering Or Peeling Of Paint

One of the most obvious signs of potential roof damage is the blistering or peeling of the outside paint.  In many cases this sign will go unnoticed and may be thought of as being a result of poor weather or sun exposure; however, it is possible that this symptom could be a cause for roof repair or replacement.  Typically, blistering or peeling of paint is due to excessive moisture in the attic as a result of poor ventilation.  This excessive amount of heat will cause the roofing shingles to blister and peel leaving them exposed to inclement weather.  Ideally, it would be recommended to place better ventilation systems in the home; however, determining the cause of this sign is best done by a roofing contractor.