C&D Technologies: What They Can Offer

C&D Technologies have engineered batteries that offer back-up power in case of interruptions or sudden power loss. This meets the necessary standards of those in telecommunications, cable, broadband, uninterruptible power supply, and solar markets.

C&D TEL Series Long Duration

The Long Duration VRLA batteries are uniquely designed to offer standby power to various sources in the industry of Telecom. The TEL series were vigorously tested through life cycle testing, which includes the compliance of the SR4228 to guarantee a reliable and long service life offered. With capacity ranges from 30 to 125-ampere hours, along with plenty of installation options. It includes cabinets, relay racks, and more!


  • Extended service life as proven by testing the compliance of the Telcordia SR4228.
  • UL Recognized component.
  • It has transportation options without restriction due to its Non-Spillable Design.
  • Efficient gas recombination of over 99% because of the provided AGM Technology.
  • Reduction of height and maintenance while upgrading its performance and safety due to its inserts that are made of threaded alloy copper, which makes up the Low-Profile terminals.

C&D High Rate Max Front Access Series

The Max Front, Access Series batteries, offer consistent backup power that UPS systems need for faster management. Its battery is true front access along with front access terminals. It is also designed using materials of optimum quality with high-density energy that will guarantee an uninterrupted run of your business systems. The True Front Access High Rate Max is the perfect battery source that meets the standards of the robust UPS systems in battery retrofits.

  • Not only are they ideal for UPS application, but they are also perfect for:
  • Data Centers
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Industrial Process Control Facilities
  • Banks & Financial Markets

C&D Pure Lead Plus

The Pure Lead Plus batteries offer premium performance when extending service life despite elevated temperatures, extremely outstanding when talking about endurance. It’s the new member of the C&D’s Dynasty brand family that adapts to various environments, such as centers that host internet services and data centers. The product features lead to high-purity and quality manufacturing processes that resulted in an optimal improvement of performance and better service life. C&D Technologies have incorporated all of its best design features that proved the company as highly reliable that offers excellent performance in the UPS market.

The designer and engineers of C&D have created consistent groundbreaking products that impressively improve performance and long-term value. For more than a hundred years, customers have relied on C&D Technologies and their products that provide the power they can entirely trust.